Download Fouad WhatsApp latest version (anti-ban)

Download Fouad WhatsApp latest version (anti-ban)

Fouad WhatsApp Official is an alternative version of the well-known WhatsApp application that adds many features that the original did not, and it is one of the top chatting applications for Android. It also works on tablets, and it lets you log into two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone. However, this mod version cannot be downloaded through the Google Play store. This article will provide you with the download link and installation tutorial, and answer the problems you may encounter in use.

The latest features of Fouad WhatsApp (free):

With this application, you can make calls to unknown numbers.

Use emoticons/stickers in chat:

GBWhatsApp has added some new GIFs and emojis in its new update.

Create a multi-person group:

You can create a group with at least 35 friends.

Supports over 100 languages

More privacy options:

Hide last seen, input message, second tick, blue tick, and more options.

Multiple themes to choose from:

Create your own WhatsApp themes and submit them to your Fouad WhatsApp.

It has a theme option, and by using this option, users can easily change their theme.

Questions and Answers (FAQ)

What is Fouad WhatsApp?

It is the most popular mod version of WhatsApp, a modified version with more features. It is highly recommended to download Fouad WhatsApp as it is completely free and does not contain any ads.

Is it safe to use Fouad WhatsApp?

Use Fouad WhatsApp safely. If you use WhatsApp, it may block your account. But Fouad has an anti-ban feature and is completely safe.

Fouad WhatsApp or WhatsApp Pro, which is better?

Fouad WhatsApp has more features, can send larger files, hide online status, all its advantages.

How to download Fouad WhatsApp on mobile?

1. Download the latest APK of Fouad WhatsApp from here.

2. Enable unknown sources from phone settings.

3. Open the APK file and install it.

4. Verify your details and set up.

How to update Fouad WhatsApp to the latest version?

1. Backup files

2. Uninstall the old Fouad WhatsApp APK.

3. Download the new Fouad WhatsApp from here.

4. Install the latest Fouad WhatsApp APK.

5. Restore backup files

Why did Fouad WhatsApp end up not downloading?

It could be a problem with your internet connection. Switch to another network and try again. If you're still having issues downloading WhatsApp, try another browser. Alternatively, you can also check if your phone agrees to install unknown sources.

GB Whats App-Understanding the Barriers to Phone Number Registration on GB WhatsApp


gb whats app

GB WhatsApp Download Official
Official Website:
Visit for more about GB WhatsApp latest.

GB WhatsApp has gained widespread popularity globally, with more and more people opting for this mod version. However, registering an account on GB Whats App (GB WhatsApp) requires an active cell phone number. Despite this, many users encounter difficulties during the registration process.

Have you faced similar issues and wondered why your phone number can't register on GB Whats App (GB WhatsApp)? The following are the most common reasons for phone number registration failure on GB Whats App (GB WhatsApp):

  1. Incorrect phone number: Ensure that you have entered the correct phone number associated with your mobile device and included the country code.
  2. Network connection problems: GB WhatsApp requires a stable internet connection. You cannot register if your internet connection is weak or unstable.
  3. Phone number already registered: Each GB WhatsApp account is linked to a single phone number. You cannot register a phone number that is already registered with GB WhatsApp.
  4. Verification code issues: If you are not receiving the verification code from GB WhatsApp, ensure that your phone number is correct and that you have a strong network connection. You can also try rebooting your device or requesting a verification code via phone call.
  5. Blocking settings: Check if you have disabled any call blocking, applications, or task killers.
  6. Unsupported countries: GB WhatsApp is not available in all countries. If your country is not supported, you may not be able to register your phone number.

Visit official website: for more info about GB Whats App-Understanding the Barriers to Phone Number Registration on GB WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp-Sending One Off Photos on FM WhatsApp

fm whatsapp

FM WhatsApp Download Official
Official Website:
Visit for more about FM WhatsApp latest.

As an improved version of WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp offers many enhanced features. In the past, when you sent a photo on FM WhatsApp, the recipient could view it as many times as they wanted, which could be disastrous if you forgot to delete it. However, FM WhatsApp has introduced the option to send photos marked as "View Once," which can only be viewed once by the recipient and then disappear from the chat screen. These photos are also only valid for two weeks, and if not viewed within that time, they will also disappear. Here's how to send a one-off photo on FM WhatsApp:

  • Select a contact and go to the chat page.
  • Click on the camera icon at the bottom of the screen to upload a photo or video.
  • Go to the editing page and click on the icon in the bottom right corner to send the photo.
  • Once the download is complete, the text "Photo" will be displayed on the screen. Users can then click on the text to view their uploaded photo.

It's important to note that even if your uploaded photos are configured for one-time viewing, there may still be security risks. FM WhatsApp is constantly working on new features to meet the privacy needs of its users.

Visit official website: for more info about FM WhatsApp-Sending One Off Photos on FM WhatsApp

Fouad WhatsApp Latest Version (Official Update)

The latest download of Fouad WhatsApp V9.40 has been released and is available for download. This is a month after the release of the previous version of FMWhatsApp with amazing features.Fouad WhatsApp  Latest Version (Official Update) V9.40 has been released by the Fouad MODS team who have released a new version with updated and impressive features.

Fouad WhatsApp Latest Version (Official Update)

According to the Fouad MODS team, Fouad WA 9.40 contains features that will make you like the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp even more. They also urge Fouad WhatsApp users to never buy Fouad WhatsApp from anyone. According to the Fouad WhatsApp team, Fouad WhatsApp 9.40 is free to download. It is not for sale. In any case, you should never buy this version of WhatsApp from anyone, and if you have bought Fouad WhatsApp with someone else's money in the past, then you may have been scammed.

Note: Fouad WhatsApp has released the latest version of Fouad WA. click on the link in this article to jump to the page to download the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp V9.40.

How to download and install FMWA 9.40 for Android

  • To download the latest version of Fouad WA 9.40, you must first set your phone to download and install files from unknown sources.
  • To do this, you will need to go to your phone settings to enable it. However, if you have already done this in the past, you can ignore it and continue with the next process.
  • The next thing to do is to find the Fouad Whatsapp v9.40 download link listed above in this article to download it.
  • Once you have downloaded Fouad Whatsapp v9.40 on your Android phone, the next thing you need to do is install it. Click Install and enable everything necessary so that the app can be downloaded.

We Fouad Whatsapp APK lovers should all thank the Fouad MODS team for making us this amazing app with all these amazing features and we can download them for free without paying anything. Imagine all the things you can do with the Fouad Whatsapp APK that you can't do with the official WhatsApp. The Fouad Whatsapp APK makes the official Whatsapp look boring.

So far so good and the latest update is amazing. To be honest, all the bugs or errors fixed in this latest version have actually been fixed. It is just for you to download and enjoy.

Using the Fouad Whatsapp APK is refreshing, but using the latest version of the Fouad Whatsapp APK 9.40 is even more refreshing as you will enjoy the new features that come with the app such as the ability to watch images and videos that are set to unlimited viewing, plus other bugs or errors that have been fixed. If you wish, you can check out the Fouad Whatsapp APK version.

Fouad Mods GB whatsapp Apk What are the features of the latest version?

The new version Fouad mods

Features of Fouad Whatsapp Apk.

Now it is possible to access a large number of highlights of Fouad Whatsapp that cannot be found on the official Whatsapp. I will share other highlights of fouad mods gb whatsapp. There are many features that can only be discovered after installation. So, here is a summary of the highlights you will get after introducing Fouad whatsapp.

The new version Fouad mods WhatsApp according to the official and latest adaptation of Whatsapp.

  • Hide view status privacy.
  • It has a built-in message scheduler which means that now you can also schedule your messages.
  • New emoji available.
  • You can get privacy options for Dual Whatsapp accounts.
  • You can open two Whatsapp accounts at the same time.
  • Video calling feature is available.
  • You can send videos of up to 50Mb.
  • Set group names up to 35 characters.
  • You can send 90 pictures at a time from Fouad Whatsapp.
  • It has a special feature. Currently there is no stacking and you can undoubtedly see the videos that people send you.
  • You will get group counter statistics.
  • Send GIF images easily with selfish flash.
  • You can hide the last observed, blue tick, second tick and composition status.
  • All bugs are fixed when sending videos.
  • Without a doubt, you can copy other people's status on the clipboard.
  • You can choose to communicate with up to 600 people.
  • It supports more than 100 languages.
  • It has a new feature called "stay online 24/7"; meaning that if you want to show your status online all day long, you can do it easily in Fouad Whatsapp apk.
  • You can quickly change the theme by going to the theme option. It already has custom and modified themes. This feature is already lit.
  • You can use it with the official Whatsapp on a separate widget called Dual Whatsapp.
  • Status character limit increased. You can place 255 characters instead of 139 without any problem.
  • There are no ban issues at all.
  • You can also create your Fouad Whatsapp theme and add it to the Fouad Whatsapp Apk.
  • The ability to copy selected content from Whatsapp.
  • Add locking on Fouad Whatsapp without using any third party application to lock the app.
  • Prepare to change notifications and app icons.
  • Block calls from specific contacts.
  • There is no doubt that you can cripple the voice call feature when needed.
  • Hide the last appearance of selected contacts.
  • You can easily change the scale style.
  • Show online, last appearance at home.
  • You can customize the following for Fouad Whatsapp
  • widget.
  • Conversation screen
  • Lock
  • Media sharing
  • Pop-up notifications
  • Chat screen
  • etc.